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If you are planning on going on holiday to Portugal then a stunning place to stay during your visit is the Algarve.

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country and it is well-known for its beautiful sandy beaches and warm weather, especially during the summer months.

The Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal and many tourists who fly into the country land at Faro Airport.

History Of The Algarve

Human activity in the south of Portugal dates back to the Neolithic and Palaeolithic eras when Africa and Europe were a single continental body.

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This means that there is lots of interesting archaeology and history in the region, which makes great exploring for your visit.

The area has also seen some interesting times over the course of the centuries, from the Moorish occupation of the 7th-12th centuries to the brief occupation by the Spanish in the early 1800s.

This means that the Algarve is full of exciting historical artefacts; the walls of the ancient town of Lagos a particular must-see highlight of the region.

Tourism & Culture

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Tourism plays a large part in the economy of the Algarve region and its population triples in the summer months due to the influx of tourists, but it is also known for growing certain crops. These include oranges, figs, almonds, fish and other seafood.

Around 10 million people visit the Algarve every single year, which is surely a testament to its brilliance as a holiday destination and the fantastic range of holiday accommodation on offer.

As well as the stunning beaches and coastline that the Algarve is so well-known for, there are also lots of fantastic restaurants for food-lovers and many golf courses for sport fanatics to make use of.

Visiting the restaurants on the Algarve is a must and one dish you absolutely have to try is piri piri chicken, the region is well-known for it.

The seafood served in the region is also excellent as there is so much fresh fish available locally. For example, the local sardines are known to be particularly good.

Staying In The Algarve Region

With so many villas available in different areas of the Algarve, there really is something for everyone.

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Traditional Portugal Villas

For instance, you can find relatively small villas with one or two bedrooms if you are travelling with a small party, as well as larger villas that can hold 12 people or more.

Many of the villas come with amenities such as air conditioning, balconies and swimming pools, so Algarve rentals are fantastic if you are looking for a bit of luxury on your break as well as Portuguese authenticity.

With a fantastic combination of bustling tourist areas and secluded beaches, as well as sites of historical interest, the Algarve is a brilliant place to have a holiday and you're sure to be impressed by the great range of Algarve villas available.

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